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Oxford, AL lease here pay here. Leasing bad credit used car lots have cars and financing as well as buy here pay here loan options for people with bad credit or bankruptcy. It's often hard to find a local car dealer with autos and used car loan and leasing options in Oxford, Alabama.

Bad credit auto leasing Oxford, AL.

When you have bad credit and lease autos, less money is due at signing compared to when you buy a car with bad credit. It's often hard to find an auto outlet for people with poor credit near Oxford that offer 2nd chance auto sales and leasing. Many people with bad credit settle for an old high mileage used car financed from a guaranteed auto approval programs for people with terrible credit from a local used auto mart. Apply today and get more car for less money.

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Realtime BHPH Results for People with Bad Credit in Oxford, AL

Lyndell from Marbury, AL has been approved for a car loan with $750 down.
Mar 31, 2015 - 06:32 pm
A pre-qualification for Theresia from Collinsville, AL has just been approved.
Mar 31, 2015 - 09:24 pm
Lupita from Cedar Bluff, AL just applied for a used car loan.
Mar 31, 2015 - 06:36 pm
Branda in Wellington, AL just qualified for no money down vehicle financing.
Mar 31, 2015 - 10:19 pm
Bad credit car leasing Oxford, AL
What People in Oxford are Saying
With BHPH and RTO auto dealers in Oxford there is no credit check to approve the loan or lease. The owner of the car lot is lending the money to buy a used car on his or her car lot. Since the recent economic downturn this type of lending has become more popular with car dealers and car buyers in Alabama. It helps auto dealers sell more cars, and car buyer find reliable transportation.

Is there a credit check? Your credit score and the items on your credit report are not used to determine if you qualify for pay as you go financing or leasing. In most case, however, your credit report is viewed to ensure your identity
Oxford, Alabama  Buy Here Pay Here "I was very pleased with the service I received. I was treated respectfully and not as someone who couldn't be helped due to credit problems."
Derek S.

"What a great experience. Our rep was very excellent to work with. We thank you very much for working with us."
Jessica K.

"Excellent service and great car. Very satisfied!"
Roger P.
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Car Loans for Bad Credit from Private Party

As a car loans for bad credit from a private party buyer you should be aware of sellers known as curbstoners that use the internet to sell wrecked and damaged cars.
We realize that the internet has changed the way consumers buy cars. Unfortunately, the internet has also changed the way some unscrupulous sellers can take advantage of customers looking for car loans for bad credit from private party as well as buying a vehicle from a private party. These sellers are able to get rid of wrecked and damaged cars by expanding their reach from just a local one to one that is truly national in scope. These sellers are known as "curbstoners". Car Loans for Bad Credit from Private Party

A "curbstoner" is a term that applies to certain individuals who sell cars who are not licensed dealers. While there are many legitimate private sellers in the market who, from time to time, sell their own cars, a curbstoner is anyone who buys a car with the specific intention of re-selling it and without owning it for any length of time. Many of these vehicles offered for sale by curbstoners have been wrecked or water damaged in other states, had their titles washed and are being sold to unsuspecting car loans for bad credit from private party buyers.

The classified sections of local newspapers have always been a favorite place for curbstoners to advertise these vehicles, but now the internet has allowed these sellers to go national. Ebay, autotrader and all contain ads from these sellers. Although all these online portals have policies against this practice, it is virtually (no pun intended) impossible to catch all the miscreants. Also remember that these sellers don't comply with state or federal laws pertaining to car loans for bad credit from private party (how can they, if they're selling washed title vehicles?) and if you buy from one of them you are not protected by any consumer laws.

But if you are a legitimate buyer looking for car loans for bad credit from private party, how can you tell if one of these private party sellers is legitimate? According to the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles, there are a number of ways that you can spot a possible curbstoner:
  • The license plates on the vehicles offered for sale are out-of-state, issued temporarily, are dealer tags, or missing altogether.
  • The seller admits he/she is a dealer but says it's a personal vehicle.
  • The seller insists on a cash payment.
  • The vehicle's title is not in the seller's name.
  • The seller offers to do the tag and title paperwork.
  • The title is recently issued, or the seller refuses to show you the title.
  • The seller gives only a pager or cell phone number.
  • The same phone number is listed for multiple vehicles in the newspaper or outdoor location.
  • The vehicles are for sale by the roadside, in vacant lots, at shopping centers, or in driveways.
  • The seller wants to meet at a different location other than his or her residence.
In addition to all these tips, there is one other important thing for shoppers looking for car loans for bad credit from private party to keep in mind, sort of a consumer's "golden rule" to buying anything: there was a reason that you were attracted to this particular vehicle and it was probably the price. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!
But here is the best tip of all: to avoid all of the above issues, all you have to do is buy your next vehicle from a licensed dealer with a car equity collateral loans with bad credit. Automobile dealers are regulated by both the state and the federal government. According to law, these dealers must maintain a physical place of business and sell only from that location. Most dealers - especially new car dealers - have been doing business in their respective communities for years. Not only are they here now, they will be there tomorrow, as well, to help you with car loans for bad credit from private party lenders by signing you up with a national lender, instead.

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