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Tulsa, Oklahoma car lots with car dealer lease to own, pay here finance. Find buy here pay here leasing and bad credit loans from dealerships with tote the note, we finance anyone, in house credit financing. Use car leasing is popular at car centers near Tulsa, OK.

Buy here pay here Tulsa, OK

If you have terrible credit, get approved first with our online secure application, then one of our 2nd chance auto mart preferred partnered car lots near Tulsa, Oklahoma, pick out used car that you want to buy or lease to own, and drive away. Even people with bankruptcy, poor credit, no credit score, or terrible credit can get approved with our local tote the note on the lot financing option.

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Realtime BHPH Results for People with Bad Credit in Tulsa, OK

Our Nowata, OK dealership partner has just processed a bad credit auto loan application for Melissa from Nowata, OK.
Jun 27, 2017 - 07:42 am

An auto loan for Shelli from Catoosa, OK has just been processed.
Jun 26, 2017 - 06:05 pm

Aristotle from Taft, OK has been approved for a car loan with $1550 down.
Jun 27, 2017 - 01:51 am

Lease to own cars Tulsa, OK

At we dedicated to helping people with bad credit in Tulsa find a local used car lot with pay weekly car loans and auto leasing programs for affordable used cars. We've been online since 2004, during that time we've helped thousands of people get approved to buy or lease a quality used car from a local Oklahoma car dealer, even with really bad credit scores. Lease to own car lots, Tulsa, OKThere is no minimum income or job time requirement. Payment terms are based on your pay check schedule. Monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly payments are available to accommodate your income stream.

What People in Tulsa are Saying

Tulsa, Oklahoma  Buy Here Pay Here

"I really enjoyed being treated as a person, not at all like the other dealership I went to. No pressure was shown. They cared about the person, not just making the sale." Matt B.

"What a great experience. Our rep was very excellent to work with. We thank you very much for working with us." Jessica K.

"Excellent service and great car. Very satisfied!" Roger P.

Available Vehicles in Tulsa, OK

Used 2006 Kia Sorento
Price: $4,991
Miles: 172,431
Used 2007 Chrysler Town and Country
Price: $4,495
Miles: 128,812
Used 2003 Ford Mustang
Price: $3,900
Miles: 206,365
Used 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Price: $5,555
Miles: 120,866
Used 2007 Chrysler Pacifica
Price: $5,189
Miles: 181,617
Used 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser
Price: $5,600
Miles: 78,567
Used 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Price: $6,500
Miles: 130,291
Used 2012 Ford Fusion
Price: $6,184
Miles: 144,289
Used 2002 Volkswagen Jetta
Price: $2,999
Miles: 172,756
Used 2008 Honda CR-V
Price: $5,766
Miles: 180,140
Used 2010 Chevrolet Aveo
Price: $5,500
Miles: 88,556
Used 2005 Kia Sedona
Price: $4,495

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Classic Car Loans for People with Bad Credit

If you are currently doing some research on classic car loans for people with bad credit, the chances are good that you have faced many of the same issues that nearly two thirds of all U.S. consumers are currently experiencing that leave you with less than perfect credit. Classic Car Loans for People with Bad Credit

You also may have some questions about the process involved in bad credit car loans for classic cars. To help you understand, we have listed some of the most common questions along with the answers:

Is my FICO score (credit score) the only thing a bad credit car lease lender looks at?

Not at all; if this were the case, most bad credit classic car loans would not get approved. Bad credit lenders look at your overall financial picture, not just your credit score. Additional factors that these lenders consider include length of employment, how long you've lived at your current address, your debt to income ratio and whether or not your financial problems are due to habitual bad credit or situational bad credit. How you paid your last auto loan and how you have been paying your bills recently are also good indicators for lenders
Do I need a down payment for a classic car loans?

Even in the best of times you usually need some type of down payment - but it's especially critical now, since there isn't nearly as much money to lend as in the past so even may lenders who formerly weren't asking for money or trade equity down are now requesting it. A down payment not only puts you and the bank in a better equity position on a vehicle, it also lets the lender know that you are willing to shoulder some of the loan risk involved. It also demonstrates to the lender that you are disciplined enough to save for a down payment - a discipline the lender is looking for to show them you'll make all your loan payments in a timely manner.
If I am self employed can I qualify for a loan?

Self employed individuals can get approved for car loans for bad credit, but it is usually very difficult. Lenders who will consider self-employment income will usually ask for at least your last three years tax returns that have been professionally prepared. Lenders may also require you to produce bank statements for proof of deposits.
Will a cosigner help me to get approved?

Yes, most lenders who offer classic car loans for people with bad credit will allow a cosigner on an application. The lender will look at the cosigner's credit history and will use that history to satisfy the loan requirements when they make a borrowing decision. In this case, the incomes of both the primary borrower and the cosigner must qualify for the loan, although a few lenders will allow the incomes to be combined if both borrowers live at the same address or are married. This last point may help if you were previously denied credit for debt to income reasons. Remember to include a cosigner only if that individual is at least as stable (or, better yet, more stable) than you are.
I've heard that most classic car loans for people with bad credit require some type of documentation. Is this true?

Yes, it is; usually you'll be required to provide the dealership with a recent paystub to verify your income, some type of utility bill to prove you place of residence, a phone bill in your name (and at the same address) to verify you have a phone, and, finally, a list of between six and ten personal references (with names, addresses, and phone numbers for all of them).
Can I apply online for classic car loans for people with bad credit?

We're glad you asked. Yes, you can. Online web sites that specialize in bad credit auto loans have helped thousands of individuals with bruised credit reestablish their car credit and raise their credit scores while driving a new or low-mileage used car. Their nationwide networks of car dealers are experts in bad credit auto loans and these dealers work with a broad spectrum of subprime lenders that look for ways to approve your loan application. To begin the process, simply fill out the online application in the comfort and security of your own home.

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