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Second Chance Financing Dealership in Tennessee
Many dealerships are going to exist and there will be many that will offer different things as well. There are dealerships that are specific to new car sales, there are ones that offer exclusively used cars, there will be ones that offer both, ones that finance, ones that do not, ones that only finance a certain situation, etc. The list just goes on and on with different opportunities and they will vary all by the dealership....

Second Chance Lenders in Gaithersburg, MD
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Shopping on a Budget in Harrisonburg, VA
If you are shopping for a car there are going to be a lot of details that you will have to hammer out before you are going to be completed. A lot of them you will have already figured out before you even start shopping. One of the most important details that you will have to figure out is going to be what price range you are going to shop in....

Buying a Car with Low Credit in Morristown, TN
Everyone has different situations for their personal finances and it will also be extremely important to assess your credit score as well before you would dive in because that will affect your loan drastically....

Checking a Web Site's Security in Alaska
The essential part of exploring this method though is making sure that you are safe and secured when browsing. This is going to sound difficult, but it takes just a second and it will be very beneficial since you will need to send in some very personal information. ...

Second Hand Auto Loan Financing in Rhode Island
Many used cars are up for sale, but if you are looking to make a purchase and it is a little bit out of your price range then you will have to take the famous step of applying for an auto loan. ...

Global Warming, Buy Here Pay Here, and Credit Scores

A recent study by Experian indicated that the average credit score for Americans was 692. On average, people in Minnesota had the best credit score average of 721 while Nevada had the lowest average 668. When ever we review data we always look for a pattern, what is the data telling us? We analyzed the top 10 states with lowest average credit scores and the states with the highest.

In each case we were looking for a common tread. Did the credit score stats have any thing to do with the political environment; do states with Democratic leadership have higher credit scores that states with Republican leadership? Or how about the work force; do states with a unionized work force have higher credit scores than states without.

We could not find a common tread from the empirical data presented by Experian and other empirical data available on the internet, except for one, climate. That's right, climate. After spending countless hours collecting readily available data, crunching the numbers, only one data subset consistently tied in with the Experian data; climate.

From the data we collected we were able to deduce that in most cases, average credit scores are inversely proportional to the average temperature. The following tables demonstrate our point:

Top 10 USA States with the lowest credit scores:

Further evidence gathered from Google Insights for Search supports our theory. Aside from Chicago and Seattle, people in warmer climates overwhelming use the internet to search for bad credit.

So how can we help? Many people with bad credit cannot get approved for auto financing to buy a car. Traditional lenders such as banks and finance companies only look at your credit score.

At we match the items on your auto financing application with available lending programs in your local area. In our network, we have over 700 buy here pay here used car lots in the USA, so when you apply with us, your likely to find the right dealership the first time. Save time and unnecessary inquiries on your credit report, apply with us today.