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Detroit, MI in house car dealer loans for autos from local auto outlets with guaranteed lease to own cars or buy here pay here autos. Financing a used car or getting approved for bad credit car leasing is easy with our we finance car centers in Michigan.

Get approved at car dealers with bad credit car leasing in Detroit, MI. At our approved poor credit car centers. You deserve a second chance to recover from a terrible credit rating. With tote the note fresh start guaranteed auto credit, you'll be on your way to rebuilding your auto credit rating and living a better life. To see for yourself how easy it really is, apply online today, and drive today.

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Available Used Cars in Detroit, MI

Used 2007 Ford Ranger
Price: $6,999
Miles: 111,592
Used 2014 Chevrolet Cruze
Price: $6,995
Miles: 98,750
Used 2014 Nissan Altima
Price: $5,499
Miles: 92,999
Used 2010 Dodge Charger
Price: $4,995
Miles: 102,064
Used 2010 Chrysler 300
Price: $6,995
Miles: 86,948
Used 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan
Price: $3,750
Miles: 145,501
Used 2012 Ford Edge
Price: $6,900
Miles: 185,630
Used 2010 Ford Fusion
Price: $6,295
Miles: 105,265
Used 2011 Hyundai Sonata
Price: $6,995
Miles: 118,540
Used 2002 Volkswagen Passat
Price: $2,900
Miles: 161,367
Used 2005 Chrysler Town and Country
Price: $4,495
Miles: 50,970
Used 2009 Mercury Mariner
Price: $6,800
Miles: 100,913

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Bad Credit Car Loan Interest Rates

Lease to Own CarsBefore setting out to get a bad credit used car loan, make sure that your expectations are realistic. Most people with bad credit do not get approved for the “No Money Down” adds that you see on T.V.

Many people with bad credit learn that they have limited choices of vehicle when they are on the bottom tier of credit worthiness. When in this situation, you must realize that first the dealership has to find a lending institution that is willing to give you a loan. Once the dealer has found a bank that is satisfied with your stipulations, then the dealer will find a vehicle that fits the banks criteria. If the car lot cannot find a finance company to approve your loan they may decide to loan you the money them selves with a lease to own cars for buy here pay here program.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to pay for standard high risk loan:

Monthly Payment Term Cash Down Purchase Price Interest Rate Sales Tax Amount Financed
360 48 1,000 11,179 23 693 11,247
328 48 2,000 11,179 23 693 10,247
342 48 1,000 11,179 20 693 11,247
311 48 2,000 11,179 20 693 10,247
292 60 1,000 11,179 19 693 11,247
265 60 2,000 11,179 19 693 10,247
317 48 2,000 11,179 21 693 10,247
348 48 1,000 11,179 21 693 11,247
*Terms, Rates, and Tax are estimates an will vary based on buy here pay here dealer locations

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Knowing what to expect when visiting buy here pay here car lots is key into understanding what is going to happen and will lessen the chance that you get taken advantage of. You can see from the table above the more money that you put down, the lower the payment. The lower the payment, the more likely you are to succeed in making your payments on time every time.

Be prepared and understand the next time you go to buy a vehicle, knowing you have bad credit. You may not qualify for the best car loan rates and the terms may not be exactly what you were hoping for, but understanding that money down is crucial to having a reasonable monthly payment, which will allow you to rebuild that credit. Once you clean up your credit to 680 and above, your high interest rates will lower and you will again be in the driver’s seat the next time you go to purchase a vehicle.

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