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Vancouver, Washington car lots with car dealer lease to own, pay here finance. Find buy here pay here leasing and bad credit loans from dealerships with tote the note, we finance anyone, in house credit financing. Use car leasing is popular at car centers near Vancouver, WA.

When you have bad credit and lease autos, less money is due at signing compared to when you buy a car with bad credit. It's often hard to find an auto outlet for people with poor credit near Vancouver that offer 2nd chance auto sales and leasing. Many people with bad credit settle for an old high mileage used car financed from a guaranteed auto approval programs for people with terrible credit from a local used auto mart. Apply today and get more car for less money.

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Available Used Cars in Vancouver, WA

Used 2014 Ford Escape
Price: $6,900
Miles: 115,000
Used 2015 Nissan LEAF
Price: $4,990
Miles: 62,150
Used 2015 Dodge Journey
Price: $6,900
Miles: 138,709
Used 2009 Subaru Legacy
Price: $4,999
Miles: 161,000
Used 2010 Subaru Forester
Price: $6,990
Miles: 154,211
Used 2002 Toyota Camry
Price: $4,900
Miles: 144,535
Used 2007 Toyota Yaris
Price: $5,995
Miles: 83,615
Used 2008 BMW 3 Series
Price: $6,995
Miles: 110,297
Used 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan
Price: $5,900
Miles: 102,758
Used 2013 Nissan LEAF
Price: $4,700
Miles: 74,363
Used 2010 Ford Edge
Price: $5,800
Miles: 184,701
Used 2013 Chevrolet Spark
Price: $6,990
Miles: 136,497

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Used Car Warranties

Used car warranties are a very important feature when purchasing a used vehicle. Many times the warranty has expired leaving you to pay for any "mishaps" that happen after the purchase is made. There are different types of used car warranties. With luck, you will find a used car that has one of these warranties still active.
Private sellers do not have to offer any kind of warranty when they sell their vehicle. Choosing to buy from a private seller will make the purchase labeled "as is". You will be responsible for any maintenance costs that may arise after you have bought the vehicle. When you sign the purchase agreement you are stating that your now responsible and accept the vehicle in its current condition.
Car dealerships are required by law to provide for every vehicle on their lot a buyers guide. A buyer's guide informs the purchaser of any type of warranty that is offered. The common used car warranties include: "as is"; verbal warranties; warranty of merchantability; limited warranty; unlimited warranty; unexpired manufacturer's warranties; and extended warranties. As you can see there are many different used car warranties available that can save you costs in the future.
An "as is" warranty means the dealer is not responsible in anyway (same as a private seller). A verbal warranty may be made by the dealer but is not legally binding. A warranty of merchantability is an implied warranty that states the dealer guarantees the car will do what it is expected to do. To make that simple � the car will run. This warranty does not cover anything that goes wrong or needs service of any kind. Used car limited or unlimited warranties do not cover the entire car or all the cars parts. The warranty coverage that is stated on the buyers guide is the only coverage at the time of purchase. An unexpired manufacturers warranty is available on later models of vehicles when the original warranty is still effective. This type of warranty can be extended by calling the manufacturer directly. Used car warranties labeled as an extended warranty is basically the selling of a service contract which is added onto the price of the vehicle.
The newest phenomenon is certified vehicles. These vehicles are assured by dealerships to be mechanically sound. The dealerships mechanics have verified that all components and parts are working and free of problems. A certified vehicle goes above and beyond all of the other types of used car warranties.
Understanding the different kinds of used car warranties available is very important before you sign any final purchase papers. Make sure your dealer informs you of all warranties that exist on the vehicle you choose, or any optional warranties available. Any type of a used car warranty is better than not having one at all. Vehicle coverage under a warranty saves you money and aggravation that may occur down the road, and today, most new & used car financing companies will include the cost of an extended warranty in the finance agreement, which makes it more affordable.

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